ecology and marxist apologetics…//Marx’s Ecology: Materialism and Nature – COSMONAUT

We have frequently criticized the ‘Marx the ecologist’ case. The work of Bellamy Foster is no doubt a notable attempt to find ecological issues in Marx, but the fact remains that this is a bit late in the day, somehow marginal to Marx’s system, and an excuse to indulgence in theological sophistry over the Marx canon.
There is a difficult problem here: ecological thinking stands on its own, but the moment it gets grafted onto Marx the subject will suffer all the flaws of the overall system. Those who propose the new ecological Marx can’t see that the value of ecological thinking grafted onto historical materialism vitiates it in the context of the really bad theory of economic historicism. The whole canon would need to be changed to effect his new combination. And further we see the completely out of date issue of darwinism given the usual pass in the atrocious mix of bad thinking that makes marxism a failed set of paradigms…
Why not move beyond marxism to a new version that can speak in a new way about economics, ecology and evolution

Source: Marx’s Ecology: Materialism and Nature – COSMONAUT

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