Climate change is too big not to fail, and will take capitalism down with it, presto your revolution, Dave

It is hard to grasp how a scholar of Capital could end up in this confusion. It must be Stockholm syndrome. Or the danger of social position turning a celeb into a target. Surely climate change is too big not to fail and will take down capitalism with it.
One might dread the prospect: slavery is another case, too big not to fail: that is, the future of civilization was at stake, and an immense war was required.
We have no doubt waited too long: socialism should have long since been established, but there leftist theory may be at fault. The capitalist age, according to Marx, has to exhaust all its potential first. Madness!
Marx/Engels started out knowing better and were desperate in 1848.
The whole capitalist system has been a basic mistake built on the limited function of markets, etcc…
How is it that a specialist in Capital is thus confused?
It seems the whole marxist package is unclear and confuses people.
As for revolution, we just reached the threshold of one in the race protests, but the left was barely present or functional…

Source: » David Harvey’s New Thesis “Capitalism is too Big to Fail”: Is it?

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