The need to bypass marxism with a new revolutionary(evolutionary) platform

What constitutes acceptable Marxist theory is a topic of endless debate. Over the past few decades, much ink has been devoted to how we should go about reconciling Marxism and ecological concerns.

Source: MR Online | Dialectical Confusion: On Jason Moore’s Posthumanist Marxism

This kind of article shows the way marxist legacies dominate all thinking and act like a religious conformity test. Frankly who cares anymore if something doesn’t quite square with marxism? It is pernicious situation that has preempted any real participation by a radical left in anything. One might note the way the BLM protests took off in a matter of weeks and became a global movement. Marxists on the other hand pretend they are in charge of some fantasy revolutionary left but in reality have stalled everything.
We have suggested setting aside historical materialism, and dialectical materialism: the first is a package of bad theories, worse, incorrect theories, while the second is a hopeless muddle of pseudo-science of no use to anyone.
The revolutionary left (and we direct our ideas to reformists also) must start over, stop making leninism some kind of proven path and set aside marxism once and for all. Nothing prevents learning from that legacy and in the end there is a shared tradition broader than the marxist of the early socialists from whom Marx took mostly everything except historical materialism, which is useless, and acted as a monopolist who was in charge of the whole game.
We have produced our DMNC model of democratic market neo-communism as a tool to study the complexity of a revolutionary (reformist) platform that has to do more than promote socialism: it must, in advance, state how to construct a decent economy, produce a basis for a Commons, economic rights, and democratic endstate. We can remake this DMNC toolkit into an extension that can transform it into ecological socialism in about five minutes.
We need a new left that can start from scratch, study the revolutionary option in its reality as nearly impossible yet more and more likely as the crisis deepens. It would be a fiasco for marxists to seize control of a revolutionary situation and bungle the job all over again.
The construction of socialism isn’t that hard, in the abstract, bringing it about tricky buy very possible, but the marxist version has failed in every case that it was tried. Part of the problem is the way Marx confused everyone with theories that are too complicated and which don’t really work. The status of ‘stages of production’ theory at the core of historical materialism is almost ludicrous bad theory.

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