Decoding world history
This take on world history can be highly effective and when a final draft emerges
a practical model for the left can be created.
Note that this approach forces the issue of historical diversity and shows that economics can be the reductionist finale.

This is another iteration of Decoding World History as it converges on a settled draft. It is almost done and will accompany a short version of World History and the Eonic Effect.

The left (and everyone else) needs a new world history seen in the context of post-darwinian history as an account of the evolution of civilizations. Every attempt at that has failed but the eonic effect shows us the way to do that right, up to a point
The eonic effect is an empirical approach and can be simplified or elaborated but the key idea or model is simple, robust and free of useless theories.

The left has no real account of history at this point. Marx’s approach is so dated now as to be useless. Both Hegel and Marx are polar opposite crash and burn cases of world history who tried to resolve Kant’s challenge. We can do much better now after almost two centuries of archaeology since the era of Champollion.
The data has revealed a mysterious clue to the riddle and we take it from there.

The left needs to exit Marx theories and marxist obsessions and create a simple outline of history, study the economies there empirically and keep thinking to the next level above economics in the diversity of cultural forms. Reducing history and culture to economics as in ‘stages of production’ theory produces a disastrous oversimplification. Such theories are old-fashioned now and the left needs to ditch historical materialism so they can communicate with a public again.

The model of the eonic effect looks like another theory. It is depiction of empirical chronology which might suffer interpretative interpretation, but in the end is mostly empirical data.

An ultra simple form can be a useful way to proceed, if ever the army of brainwashed deadbeats can be induced to move on. No marxist theory of revolution is going to get a second chance at this point, so a way to recast the whole is essential.

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