Times via marxmail: If You Want to Let Freedom Ring, Hammer on Economic Injustice

The inexorable progression to economic categories from racial protest was only a matter of time and we see in this oped a good formulation of the issues, up to a point. A fresh approach here is to be welcomed.
But in my view/experience looking back at the failures of the left one would caution anyone about the way forward there.
The first issue is the issue of social democracy versus socialism and the decidedly confusing non-socialism of Bernie Sanders. Thinking in terms of revolution will cause everyone to navigate into a rock. But the steady creation of government candidates is all well and good, even if they are ill positioned to change very much.
One is soon back at stalemate of reform and the dangerous gulf of revolution, the non-violence of MLK and the inability of non-violent movement to create fundamental change. Beyond that is the dated character of marxism and the obscurity of the whole canon there.
We have explored this ad infinitum here at this blog and in several books.
We have used our ‘model’ of the Red Forty-eight Group and the relation of universal and working class to consider multiple movements in tandem and a new form of society and economy, the democratic market neo-communism: how do you make that model in extension deal with race, with climate change, with ecological socialism, new forms of government, evolution/revolution, etc…this can help to not get confused by marxists who want to control the left but may sow confusion. The complexity here is great.

Against all odds the BLM broke through inertia. Advice from the side of past failures is hardly the way, but the suddenly complexity faced by a BLM perspective is tremendous.
The black movement has a lot of background, millstones around the neck, from billionaire sports stars and movie stars, to the black bourgeoisie, bible belt preachers, voters for Biden, conservative congressmen (black), by the book activists on non-violence, etc, which don’t bode well from a movement for radical change for poor blacks or poor anybody. For some reason the big corporations have supported the protest movement, a head scratcher, and a caution. The moment anyone moves toward radical economic redistribution uttering the dreaded ‘S’ word, there will be a swift falling out with such new friends of the moment. Why reform the police if five million black neo-socialists cast seditious looks at the dot.gov?
Again, who can comment on, let alone advise from the stance of failure those who have broken through to a radical moment?

Source: [Marxism] If You Want to Let Freedom Ring, Hammer on Economic Injustice