King Leopold’s Ghost

The classic documentary…:

The race protests keep expanding, in fact, they have barely scratched the surface. The global imperialism era in general and the particular case of the Congo threaten as examples themselves to expose the wider question, but then themselves are merely a stage to a still wider exposure such that in the end the integrity of the whole history of civilization begins to collapse, engulfed in the record of madness. Joseph Conrad’s ‘The Horror, the Horror’ in Heart of Darkness seems to state the case, as the exclamation expands and starts to apply to the failure of homo sapiens as a species. It is hard to find much humanity hasn’t screwed up. And it is hard now to cover it up anymore.
But just as the protests appear out of nowhere, the larger protest against human history as such is just getting under way. But organizations such as BLM who have splendidly ignited conscience come to a crossroads where the issues that impinge on capitalism/socialism and much else evoke the limits of any movement. This has happened to the marxist left which has exposed so much yet ended up itself dysfunctional. We need a new set of movements based on something with a better foundation than the marxist brand of reductionist value free scientism.
Movements explode then wane, we should consider a new left altogether, mindful of the legacy of anti-capitalist protest enstated in marxism and take that to a new level. I think the new left will leave marxists behind as did the race protests. But its lessons which have been subtly trashed by the likes of Sanders persist but he nonetheless has cleverly carried a message disguised in social democratic legerdemain to more radical generation, if it appears. At the fringe of the BLM sphere that new left shows itself with a glimpse, but just as the issue of the Congo connects racism, slavery, capitalism, imperialism, and nationalistic predation, and whole emptiness of government machiavellianism so a new left has to find a more comprehensive mother lode of protest, to see what can survive the coming inexorable counterattack of the dark powers of capitalism and government.