The marxist left is also exhausted…Toward a new (post-)Marxist left | Louis Proyect: The Unrepentant Marxist

They organized a 10,000 strong BLM protest in Nashville. Will they be leaders of a new revolutionary movement? The handwriting is on the wall. The Sandernista/Jacobin/DSA project is now exhausted. …

Source: Toward a new Marxist left | Louis Proyect: The Unrepentant Marxist

We just put up a post on these lines but with a broader slant: the whole marxist left is exhausted. The Sanders initiative was too social democratic in my view and confused the term socialism. But they were hardly exhausted: they never had a chance. To critique marxism one should be wary: it is not a passage to reformist ideology whatever the merits otherwise of that. The idea of revolutionary action itself needs to be recast in and of itself.
At this point the marxist left is going to asphyxiate a new left which has to be a new kind of left, perhaps revolutionary, but if so able to really create something new that works. The references to ‘marxism’ here, to be sure, are really a way of warning the new leftist surge re: the BLM of the dangers along the way: e.g. reformist versus revolution thinking (which seems insoluble and has crippled everyone). It can be an important warning, but nothing the marxist left has done recently can match the momentum of the BLM spectrum.
Whatever the case I would caution marxists to not drool over the BLM vibrancy. They need to completely rethink their program: economy, capitalism, neo-socialism, ecology, markets/planning, constitutions, legal constructs for a commons, some kind of failsafed revolution with marshalls to warn against leninist assholes and stalinist and/or a reformist approach that as we see now will end up destabilizing the whole american system. There is a real danger that marxist idiots will chill the blood of anything new with their cadre-specific jargon run by marxist ghosts from the grave spouting Marx boilerplate.