The Struggle Against Fascism: Lessons from the Past 

The book Fighting Fascism (2017) is published by the Haymarket Books, a left-wing publishing house [in the United States]. Edited by Mike Taber and John Riddell, the book gives us an idea of Clara Zetkin’s precise commentary on the question of fascism. It provides a very good introduction that contextualizes the rise of the extreme right, and it gives a good summary of Zetkin’s work.Taber and Riddell tell us that the Communist International became interested in this phenomenon when Italian socialists and anarchists were unable to guide the working class to take power during the “Red Two Years.” This period (from 1919 to 1920) witnessed factory occupations and worker revolts in northern and central Italy; however, the movement was not victorious, and a reactionary movement led by Benito Mussolini emerged instead.

Source: The Struggle Against Fascism: Lessons from the Past | John Riddell