Mysterious collapse of xtianity

In fact, there is hardly a mystery and (cf. the eonic effect) this situation has been the case since the Reformation itself which updated xtianity and thence sent it on its way through the secular toward oblivion.
Xtianity has become a diseased menace in the evangelical right wing versions that are a last bastion…
We should not regret the passing of xtianity but we should also be under no illusions that secularism is a real substitute, except by default: the secular field is vast and contradictory and does not lead to any simple system of belief or moral action, let alone metaphysical understaning. So-called secularists rarely use the resources that created secularism, viz. a kantian take on ethics and dozens of other resources.
They are mostly mesmerized by capitalist advertising, and social conditioning that is mediocre where not downright slovenly. On the whole however it would seem that secular thought is despite its contradictions and confusions more of a guide than the defunct religion that is for students of the eonic effect destined to pass away in the new era underway. But the whole secular field is at risk from the slow takeover of psychopaths in government, business, etc..Too much goes to governmental and political obsession and a focus on machiavellian politicians who have led secularism into a swamp. Look at the american system with its imperialism, capitalist globalization, covert agencies and dumb and dumber politicians who are slovenly if not depraved mediocrities. Trouble ahead.  The politics of the evangelical christians, in the US, shows an xtianity that has become abhorent and along with the zionist mafia a menace to political sanity.

Source: Southern Baptists see historic drop in membership | Richard Dawkins Foundation