Can marxism/marxists lead to postcapitalism?

We have been thinking about postcapitalism here for almost five years (two with this set of blogs) and our gradual realization is that marxism has turned into a boilerplate quotation ritual requiring a complete break of habits, starting over from scratch, critiquing the heck out of Marx’s useless and second-rate theories (but making use of some of the rest), defining what socialism might be, how it would work, how it needs new legal instruments, new conceptions beyond property of a commons, a construct of socialist markets, socialist planning, ecological constructs in a socialist system, an understanding the mirages of economic theory, and little magic marker beards on all public posters of Marx and Lenin. (There aren’t any, but the thought counts).
The legacy left has turned into a rabble of marx zombies quoting chapter and verse and without a clue about their own legacy, disastrous history, and chattering teeth syndrome in those sympathetic in principle but in practice all too aware of the total botch marxist legacies have made of revolutionary opportunities.

Source: MR Online | Rinky-Dink Revolution