A new view of history…

marxists are foolish/wise: we have been haranguing them for some time here (profuse apologies for calling them ‘riffraff’), but the spectrum left there given a new format are needed in the context we are entering now, if they can get past the old cliches and the bad theories of ‘marxism’. The powerful surge of ‘reformist’ social democracy ‘berniacs’ is now confronting its nemesis: revolutionary ‘no ifs and buts’, a situation laughably if tragically beyond reform.
A new view of world history is needed beyond the now dated historical materialism. We have a reduced outline of the material on the eonic effect: theories of history in the name of science are no longer believable. A chronology and outline of the actual facts of world history is enough.

Source: Eonic Effects: World history: a complex enigma  – 1848+: The End(s) of History