Pandemic converts, and the passing away of christianity

The pandemic has raised the issues of religion, such as it is,  and it has revitalized membership is some quarters and led to a lot of dangerous and incautious attempts to defy government safety measures to deal with a pandemic.

It is utterly reprehensible for religious ‘leaders’, idiots really, to try and force the issue of reopening churches. It raises the question of ulterior motive since any sane religious leader would move at once to consider attempts to ensure public safety a matter of religious duty. So the motivation here remains murky, or not so: the prior public will likely not come back in force and the dwindling endgame of christianity is perhaps being accelerated by the pandemic despite a transient rush to the faith and bibles selling out at Walmart. Such behavior out of fear evokes contempt in  spiritual entities and it is ill advised to suddenly find faith in such situations. Into this void rushes Trump trying to force the churches to open.

Behind all this lies the reality that the US is  retarded on the question of secularization and as with Trump its hypocritical politicians who are mostly machiavellian monstrosities abet this religion on its last legs and are, to be fair, unable to provide leadership.

Christianity and Islam are both completely second-rate religions and the theological and ritual content of christianity always evokes the feeling of being a con job: salvation in the contexts given are so superficial, so transparently fraudulent that it is almost criminal to suggest them to the retarded suckers in place.

The born again rituals of the fundamentalists are from a distance in observers steeped in a larger sphere almost totally bogus and do harm to those who innocently get caught up in them. And the whole game leads to a kind of religious stupidity unmatched by any other religion on the planet. To promise salvation in such a demeaning and grossly dishonest way is almost criminal in the view of many. Look at the arduous path of meditation required in buddhism by comparison with the idiocy of the christian spiritual impoverishment. You do not gain ‘salvation’ in such grotesque religious farce.

As the pandemic stalls attendance, temporarily no doubt, it might be time to pass on from the toxic poison of christian idiocy and and go in search of some more genuine form of spirituality. In any case the future of christianity is sealed. Its demise is accelerating and we need not regret its passing.