Murder by infection is not religious

Nothing exposes the terminal failure of christian churches more than the attempts to evade pandemic quarantines in ‘places of worship’ at the deliberate the risk of spreading viral infection. Murder sits poorly as worship.

Surely the timeless/placelessness set of religious assumptions could induce a more intelligent approach to the irrelevance of church enclosures. The idea of a church as a sacred space is mostly nonsense if the real issue of religion transcends a humanly constructed edifice. A communion at six feet of distancing surely invokes a better sanctity that the foolish delusions crowd herding in the pews will receive divine protection.

Indeed the worst part here is that this religious idiocy can end up spreading covid infections to an exterior public: at that point an alternate religious view and/or a secular protest is in order to tell these christian retards to cease and desist.

A zoom religious service would be a fascinating novelty and argues better for a sacrosanct abstraction of space than the bible belt retards (‘preachers’) who think god will protect them nilly-willy.

More and more examination  of christian behaviorism (that’s the term, borrowed here, for rats in  skinner box psych experiments, operant condioning and all that, bit demeaning, sorry) suggests that the christian religion has been abandoned in its end phase by spiritual guides, if they exist, and ever existed. That is a view secularists refuse, perhaps wisely, or not, but the point is that on its own terms christian is ceasing to be a religion. Terminal stupidity is evidence that spiritual powers have written off this remainder from its source in the Axial Age.

We live in the endtimes of monotheism and its last manifestations have a grim horror as attendance in so-called place of worship turns into possible murder…