At a time when science re: a pandemic needs to be trusted, darwinists have sown doubt about science far and wide…

The current pandemic has often invoked the need to trust scientists in a situation where dangerous anti-science is on the loose.

But surely one of the reasons critics of science are emboldened is the ‘darwinism’ factor. This disastrous case is a clear example of the need to mistrust science as established institutional ideology and to break out into the world wide realm of the amateurs. Darwinism is god’s gift to amateurs to pull rank on the pros, scientists credentialed and thusly only because they were brainwashed during their educational track and/or deviously accepted the reigning paradigm said track in order to acquire those credentials, mere pieces of paper on the level of the medals on the breasts of generals.

The work of scientists re: the pandemic is a guide through a wasteland. But the question of evolution is not the same. It would help immensely if scientists did not grand license to anti-science sorts by affirming darwinism as natural selection. If thy adopted t he view of statistic in that theory their work would crash. A fair portion of the public then is rightly cautious of science, in this case. What an inexecusable botch.