The left doesn’t need idiot sufism, Mr. Cole

It is good to look historically at a figure such as Omar Khayyam. It shows some kind interaction with the sufi legacy of the Islamic world. It is news to me if that great poet is quite the freethinker claimed and it is not clear to this day how the issue of theism, sufism, and Islam interrelate. But it is surely curious to cite Khayyam in the context of Islamic fundamentalism and then to cite Charles Darwin’s theory as science in an all-around muddle of all subjects.

We have an associate blog here The Gurdjieff Con attempting for years to review the american new age movement and to expose the ‘sufi’ mafia already rooted in the west in one of the most reactionary, fascist perspectives next to which the Bible Belt idiocy is an worthy almost second string companion on the Dark Side of spiritual gangsters like Gurdjieff and E.J.Gold.
Further the science so-called of Darwin based on natural selection is under tremendous criticism from more than the Bible Belt. The theory of Darwin was challenged from the start and the fundamentalist place in that came much later. The Darwinian theory was a botched reduction to pseudo-science that displaced the real originators of evolution in the era of Lamarck, the kantian teleomechanists and others. Darwinism was always  a crippled pseudo-science and even the real founder here, Alfred Wallace, whom Darwin ripped off, moved beyond selectionist dogma.
This take on a sufi classic is puzzling in a leftist. Do not coax leftists into the zone of malevolent hatred of occult sufis.
This essay is almost baffling in the equal citation of Darwin and Khayyam in a stance of ‘free thought’.
The left needs to move on from the Darwin propaganda system and we have a dozen posts here on that. And the left does not need Khayyam and has no friends in the sufi world. Determining whether a given sufi is a theist or atheist bluffer is a nice past time for those well outside the realm of islamic fanatics.
To suggest this material to leftists is preposterous and a serious joke for those sufis who would be happy to trash a secular leftist.
Sufis would love to get a few sentimental westerners to fall in the trap of occult predators in the sufi world. As a matter of fact those who suspect a drone agent in Trump might consider that sufis and Tibetan buddhists are the only known candidates for the Manchurian drone robot spiritual tactics suspected. To be sure, the real perps may never be known.  Gurdjieff traveled the sufi and tibetan spiritual in all its corners and aspects and strangely moved to the west calling himself a devil, Beelzebub. Haha, very funny.
Running drone fronts is a sufi specialty on YouTube and one must fear this author has nearly fallen into the trap.

The issue of american fundamentalists is an almost tragic one but the resolution is not sufi mishmash of atheistic hypocrisy in theist dress. We live in a secular age where american culture has ended up retarded on religious issues. It would seem however that the basis for christian and jewish monotheism is eroding so fast that the status of fundamentalism is that of a sinking ship. But we can hardly be naive as to the power of the Bible Belt and its connection to the Zionist mafia.
As to the sufi world of Khayyam its obscurity persists in a period of Western new age interaction with multiple spiritual traditions, not least the sufi. But the dark side of sufism demands caution in the western secularist who approaches that realm. There are any number of pious western sufis on YouTube and at this point the issue is that of a Western brand coming into being. I think it is a transient phenomenon, but in any case it is worth considering how at a ‘look ma sufi/not a sufi’ like Gurdjieff who promoted a reactionary like Ouspensky and who was a fellow traveler with the rise of fascism in the early twentieth century.


Source: Fundamentalist Pandemics | Common Dreams Views