World history: undiscovered country

The left needs a new view of world history beyond the failed version(s) of marxist economic ‘stages of production theory’ based on historical materialism. Marx’s views of history seemed almost archaic now, even as they were able in their own time to seem up to date and scientific. Modern culture is confused on issues of history, between darwinism, so-called scientific history, and the kind of religious historicism of the Old (and New) Testament.
Two centuries after the Enlightenment modern culture in the US still dominated by the Old Testament and the hopeless confusions of Zionism (cultural, religious, political). The US especially has fallen behind on historical perspectives as the fundamentalist Bible Belt has maintained an atrocious social domination.
The issue of darwinism is still controversial, but the times are rapidly changing as the world of Darwin and ‘natural selection’ mythology endure a paradigm shift. The old social darwinism is suspected of in part generating the long delay in the now archaic theory of Darwinism.
The has a simple option here, easy to state in one paragraph: the fact of evolution is clear from the fossil record, but a theory of evolution is still in the future. Done.
The material on the eonic effect would make a good replacement here: in a simplified version that can use a simple chronology and outline of history, instead of some doomed in advance ‘theory’ trying to be science.
The book in progress cited above shows a simple way to pass beyond the current delusive mindsets into something new. The nice thing about the eonic model is that you aren’t stuck with some theory and can take history empirically.

Marxism set itself up for endless critical refutations with a misconceived attempt at science. A new perspective is an absolute necessity for a new left.