Ersatz pandemic socialism and the defunct status of rational government…


We no longer have much of a government, with no economy, and still more significant, no real chance for a recovery.  The politicians are such total idiots on all sides that we are left finally with the need to  simply sweep them aside. We have a president who can’t support the post office…

We should restate our point about ‘pandemic socialism’ to consider that a mystery of nature seems to have in a few months pointed to the end of a growth economy, thrown millions out of work, created the need for socialized food resources, housing relief, debt jubilee, forced the issue of universal medical care and created the need to support a population that can’t work in a capitalist economy. It exposed a president as an incompetent genocidal fascist and exposed Republicans and Democrats as not constituting a real government. The list of socialist freebies is extraordinary. That’s why the powers that be are desperate to restart the economy even at the price of death by infection. But even if they succeed in the short term the lesson learned here sink in and the real collapse seen won’t go away and if we had a real left it might have used this opportunity to point to possibility of another way starting effective immediately.
The point made here is that the unemployed must be supported beyond market imperatives.

In general, to reiterate: if the economy never recovers the overall situation for humanity would improve in the midst of a dying capitalism.
It is as if nature has provided the demo for a revolution.
As they say, ‘your move’.

Source: The world better off if the   economy never recovers???!Mr. Krugman, you’re fired… – 1848+: The End(s) of History