Corona Communism? Zizek a stalinist???

update: unfair to call Zizek a Stalinist??? : Google on Zizek Stalinism

After so many books Zizek still has no real leftist platform, but he is right here in a way: the pandemic has produced an eerie form of social breakdown, revolution and postcapitalist socialism.

Zizek seems more like a clown than anything like a communist, but at the same time a crypto-Stalinist???
After so many books the left has been diminished, not strengthened.
One hopes that is unfair.

The people who might lead us to real communism are not going to be celebrities.

Shruti Kapila teaches Indian history and political thought at the University of Cambridge and is a trainee psychoanalyst.

Source: Corona Communism? – UP Front News – Issue Date: May 18, 2020