Historical materialism not needed for socialism…

Update: Our cavalier joke below points to a reality: socialism doesn’t require a complicated theory, least of all one that is so controversial, out of date and which antagonizes almost everyone.

This article is interesting in following the canon so closely: subjectivity, will, are banished from the discussion and idealism is attacked in a very old fashioned way.

Whether this is real marxism is beside the point: we don’t need marxism at this point,

Many of its insights remain but the old stages of production theory which banished subjectivity, will and consciousness is almost ridiculous now. The debate over idealism versus materialism seems pointless now.  The solution is simple: we can be socialists but

not marxists…


We have cited the vitally important text Toward A New Socialism.
Here however we can challenge the buttoned down classic marxist ideology of historical materialism and the debate over idealism, etc…

In a kind of school boy/Huck Finn revolt against the dogmas of the marxist cadre we can ask, So What? to the hard recipes of the early scientism of Marx and Engels. The classic debates over Hegel seem dated now, and a ‘Who Cares’ enters to wonder if materialism and/or idealism could work for socialism and that the issues of ‘subjectivism’ and the ‘will’ end up in amputation of the core of ‘man’ in the older versions of the cadre.
In an age of the birth of the secular that perspective had a classic status in the foundation of the modern but the times and the mood have changed and in the collapse of the monotheistic tradition a new and broader perspective is needed.

Source: Historical materialism and the repudiation of subjectivism – Paul Cockshott’s Blog