“It’s not just that Trump has assembled an administration of the worst and the dimmest,” Krugman says in his book. “The truth is that the modern GOP doesn’t want to hear from serious economists, whatever their politics. It prefers charlatans and cranks, who are its kind of people.”Krugman, in recent columns, has been stressing that the coronavirus pandemic underscores the failures of trickle-down economics. And Kaiser asserts that the pandemic validates Krugman’s economic views.Kaiser writes, “Never before in modern American history has the plutocracy so blatantly embraced the idea that profits matter much more than people — especially when the idiotic reopening of the economy weeks before health experts say it’s safe will clearly kill more poor people than anyone else…. If our present calamity is finally enough to force the climate-change-denying, poor-people-hating Republican Party from the White House and the Senate, one can only hope the popular imagination will be stirred as it was in Paris in 1793.”

Source: Paul Krugman: ‘The modern GOP doesn’t want to hear from serious economists — it prefers charlatans and cranks’ – Alternet.org