Imperialism versus empire…the misleading analog of the ‘Roman empire’…

Terms are fluid and drift into semantic logjam. From our point of view the US is not an empire but a republic showing republican decline, possibly into empire. Modern discourse used to distinguish ‘imperialism’ for ’empire’ and to see imperialism often in tandem with capitalism producing a system of exploitation and dependency if not empire. Since the usage for the British empire contradicts this our ‘quibble’ is a lost cause, but it remains the case that the US is an imperialistic democracy drifting into oligarchy thence possibly into empire. The distinction is clear from the case of Rome and that analog reminds us that the decline of the Roman Empire is a much later phenomenon distinct from the degeneration of the Roman republic.
The point is significant perhaps because empires are entropic while imperialisms are perhaps repairable.
Clearly however the US is in trouble and its state is not really decline but a disease of fascism. The point is that a political rejuvenation is entirely possible in theory because the system two centuries old still has a potential that could be realized.
In any case the analogy of the Roman Empire is not correct at this point and the American system while losing its legacy is still a potential field of political advance if only via revolution.

Source: ‘Oligarchs don’t care about democracy’: Pulitzer winner Chris Hedges warns COVID-19 will ‘trigger a decline unlike anything seen since the Great Depression’ –