R48G: spontaneous revolution…red forty-eight group and evolutionary/evolutionary dualities…

We have often said it, and now it has happened: all the great revolutions in history had a spontaneous indirection, the French and Russian revolutions are good examples.

And now we see such a moment emerging spontaneously once again, but with no real left at hand to deal with the situation or with a platform that is viable. Marxists have produced a near library of books but is marxism really useful at this point? Socialism of yore was an immensely popular framework, no more. It still has no public. In recent years that has changed as a younger generation has responded to the basic idea. But the fact remains that the old programmes are obsolete. We need a new framework:
the effort must start with a critical marxism
historical materialism is absurd at this point
stages of production theory is a pseudo-science
the bolshevik revolution was a botch
a new approach could bypass theory
Capital is a work almost noone on the left understands, who needs it? It is an incomplete trainwreck that is based on obscure and pedantic assumptions.
The american rebs had no theory, they knew inuitively what was to be done.
Socialism is more complex but the issue remains: the entire left has been confused by marxist theory.

We need practical descriptive versions of socialism and the intent to bring them about. But the result is more than an ism: it must be a complex system of multiple basic ideas and it must renounce state capitalism, one party states and the whole apparatus of ill-conceived monstrosities of theory.
We have our DMNC model: democratic market neo-communism, which is a complex of multiple systems.

Consider as an exercise a liberal system with one change:the expropriation of capital/property, in the large.Everything else could remain the same: a liberal system carrying a communism system and a communist system carrying a liberal system.

The collapse of the neoliberal world is on its way, it seems, but the left needs something better than marxism to deal with a new socialism…

The COVID-19 pandemic will transform our world. Massive state intervention is essential to head off an unprecedented slump. We must come out of this crisis with a better society.

Source: The Left Must Seize This Moment, or Others Will