An ‘eonic history’ manifesto

Not a single scientist, historian or philosopher has been able to elucidate world history which remains a mystery. But the mystery was awaiting sufficient data to reveal a hyper-complex but strangely intuitive solution. The eonic model is finally a range of data and that empirical field shows where we go wrong. We cannot fully complete a full depiction (the data range is vast, and still a void) but we can as with a puzzle which often make sense in its parts detect and deduce a rough idea of what we call the eonic means.
The theory is therefore problematical, but the data itself can transform our sense of the meaning of history.

The enigma of world? Historians are notable for organized stupidity and are determined it seems to be blind to the real dynamics of world history. Can we at least recommend a look to these ostriche…

Source: An ‘eonic history’ manifesto: can we at least recommend a look at the eonic effect? – Darwiniana