The falling away of american society

The falling away of american society has been seen/forseen many times with a more less common diagnoisis and now the effect of a fascist impostor and a viral pandemic has reduced american greatness to laughing stock status, assuming the situation were funny, which it is not. We have been critical of Marx and marxism, if only to clear the air so his real insights can serve: his now primordial analysis of capture of government by a capitalist bourgeoisie is remarkably apt still, if we can evade the sterile and now dated theories that have poorly served his insights.
The strange collapse of the inner coherence of the american system seems to be more the current diagnosis: the problematic is inherited from the Gilden Age and the realization dawns of the fatal flaw of a system from its beginning.

Source: Why Is the U.S.So Exceptionally Vulnerable to Covid-19? | Common Dreams Views