Sanders devoured by ‘Our Revolution’: who will pick up the fumble?


The old saw, the revolution devours its own…In some ways Sanders, and we with him, was a victim of his own success: he cleverly coopted the terms of socialism and revolution and his non-revolution devoured its own and gobbled up him and his program as the defunct term ‘revolution’ wanders civil space as a political ghost wanting a resurrected semantics…The real thing is starting to seep from the seams. The strange potential for revolution, still latent, begins remarkably to bubble to a boil. The resemblance to the lead up to the French Revolution is very much there: a system of overwhelming power becomes dysfunctional almost as dark comedy and finally the passage to change emerges spontaneously. So now, beside the seeming irrelevance of revolutionary groups long sidelined to rhetorical existence the system of power starts to collapse. The ancien regime here will no doubt recover but something seems different suddenly, so we shall see.
In the nonce we must resist the lure of obsolete leftisms and sit down and define in detail some form of a successor to socialist history streaming into our present.

COVID-19 could kill a lot of people, but the existing private insurance system still forces more than 500,000 people into medical bankruptcies every year and kills up to 45,000 people who are unable to access care. Why are those deaths acceptable, while COVID-19 must be stopped at all costs?

Source: Coronavirus stimulus and disaster plans reveal cruelty of capitalist and political ‘reality’