The last remnants of christianity, now a demonic idiocy

The time has come to finish off the remnants of so-called Christianity which is already in near total decline but with a strange remnant in the american right (to the list of cancerated monotheistic degeneracies we should add zionism and its mafia) whose version of that legacy is an almost nauseating idiocy that could not possibly have any spiritual connection to anything. And we are beyond the time when prayer in an epidemic is anything but the gross superstition of a kind of cultural malpractice. And in this context the politicians are the worst hypocrites who carry the ‘faith’ as a front for machiavellian criminality…

The minister who hosts a weekly bible study session for President Trump’s Cabinet has an opinion about the origins of the coronavirus. According to Ralph Drollinger, it’s just another form of God’s wrath in response to an increasingly progressive nation.“Relative to the coronavirus pandemic cris

Source: Trump’s weekly Cabinet Bible study leader blames coronavirus on gay people and environmentalists –