Darwinian ideology and neo-liberalism…

The persistence of the neo-Darwinian synthesis is most suspiciously correlated with the rise of neo-liberalism and we are stymied in attempts to demonstrate a direct connection, but we should be vigilant in exposing the failure of professional biologists to expose their own mistakes in the promotion of this theory which has been shown up over and over again, to no avail. It is suspiciously convenient that a theory that giving legitimation, supposedly, to capitalist ideologies of competition should linger against the howls of protest of those who have consistently pointed to the statistical idiocy of darwinian selectionist speculation. Fred Hoyle exposed the game in the 1950’s, to no avail….
The left is stuck in the confusion and has adopted the sterile conformity of secular humanists to the ideology of darwinism (but it is notable that marx’s first reaction to darwin’s theory was his suspicion of ideology).

Source:  The gaping holes in ideological darwinism – 1848+: The End(s) of History