Socialist mantra chanting

The left can’t approach contemporary politics using old and failed terminology. The point fails to sink in as the mantra chanting of marxist slogans continues oblivious to the historical facts of the case which have given an endless supply of ammunition to the right even at the bare mention of a challenge to capitalism.
We have suggested
that the left move on to a new formulation
disavow the legacy of bolshevism
critique the historical theories of marx
be wary of theories of history instead adopting empirical categories
stop injecting marx’s theories into all discussions as chapter and verse
construct practical models of socialism/communism
offer a system that can guarantee rights and liberties in the context
of expropriation, etc…

As things stand now the ‘left’ has no real platform and it is not enough
to simply chant ‘socialism’ like a mantra without specication….

Saying goodbye to bolshevism…toward a new left…stop using the term ‘marxism’…
April 14, 2019

This is our third post on this today: the left needs to be clear about the bolshevik fiasco and critique the whole history, and especially the left needs correct information on the subject, a nearly impossible thing to hope.

In fact the left must disavow any connection with bolshevism and make clear that a socialist project, electoral or revolutionary has moved on from bolshevism/leninism and probably from marxism. We have restated the whole set of issues in just this fashion: a huge amount of material, free online, ten books. Goodbye to all that marx mishamash. A new generation is needed, one not trained by old marxists or bolsheviks…

We have a model for a virtual new movement, The Red Forty-eight Group. I am too old to start a movement even if I were able to do that, so our virtual movement clocks from
1848, so to speak. It makes no explicit reference to Marx as such, or marxism. We have created a super set of all that and can simply disengage and move on (or reengage, wary that the whole history here is anathema to a larger public). Shut up already, and stop using the term marxism…Never try to defend bolshevism. If asked, declare you are far beyond that…

Source: Revolutionary strategy and the electoral road | John Riddell

We should adopt the assumption that communism has never been tried and that bolshevism was just a phantom nightmare, with a marxism that is deeply flawed and too religiously held as supreme dogma.

Source: [Marxism] Goodbye Revolution?