World History and the Eonic Effect Fifth Edition: Civilization, Darwinism, and Theories of Evolution eBook: John Landon: Kindle Store

This books is also free online: it makes all these historical confusions obsolete….

Our previous post discussed an article at Counterpunch on the Axial Age and the confusion over world history that is pervasive in all disciples. These discussions are mostly obsolete given the study of the eonic effect (the article comes close, but the subject needs to be addressed systematically). The issue of religion is meaningless in itself: religion in general and the religions of the axial age (now passing) leaves the future open and there the modern transition and the indeed the enlightenment are key.
But the issue of religion is not so simple and in any the modern transition gave birth to the an open-ended future and the need for man to come to an understanding of his own history and the hidden historical driver behind the emergence of civilization (and no doubt the descent of man).