The left needs to be wary of stale socialist histories/formulas…

We have cautioned the left repeatedly here to recast their socialist formulation for a new and interested generation so that the question of the bolshevik legacy never arises in the inexorable citation of that history on the right, indeed, even mainstream liberal circles.

We have suggested the time has come to get specific about the meaning and realization socialist social systems in order to provide political, legal, economic, and cultural frameworks for its realization. The marxist world is its own worst enemy as it celebrates the failures of the second international with kneejerk repetition of old formulas. Indeed, marxism itself is part of the problem and a new theoretical approach would be helpful. It is not good enough to champion lenin without stalin formulas. The whole legacy needs a new start with legal, economic and philosophic new beginnings.

Source: Who’s Afraid of Socialism? –