The bogus antisemitism blackmail tactics, and the coming collapse of the judeo-christian legacies…

The antisemitism issue here is completely bogus and indicates not the strength but the coming collapse of the ‘jewish lobbies’ as they have reigned for so long. The facts of the history of zionism are increasingly being documented and coming into focus to the point where the zionist faction seems more like a mafia than anything else.
The left needs to clearly and fairly bring the real history out into the open and to see that the question of judaism is a variant of the secularization and dissolution of the judeo-christian traditions and their place in modern society. The zionist propaganda machine has in reality and somewhat sadly destroyed the very thing they have attempted to defend and their mystique is being exposed once and for all.
Books such as
Grand Deceptions: Zionist Intrigue in the 20th and 21st Centuries
is a horrifying display of the reality suppressed but increasingly to the fore.
Time to stand up to zionist thugs and their lobbies…

If there is one issue that denotes the terminal decline of Labour as a force for change – desperately needed social, economic and environmental change – it is not Brexit. It is the constant furore over an “antisemitism crisis” supposedly plaguing the party for the past five years. The imminent departure of Jeremy Corbyn as More

Source: Even With Corbyn Gone, Antisemitism Threats Will Keep Destroying the UK Labour Party –