Redbaiting and…historical fingerpointing…

We discuss this below the tweets, but the point here is our own Red Forty-eight Group stance on revolution can’t retreat as do the Sandinistas once challenged.

We had umpteen posts here during the 2016 campaign about Sanders’ so-called socialism but at the same time it remains true that, although constantly backtracking when challenged, Sanders did in fact invoke the idea of socialism and the idea of revolution, ‘Our revolution’. This is a strange position somewhere between gerontion reflecting on youthful radicalism and a clever wedge thinking that attacks and retreats in guerilla fashion, assuming that Sanders deserves such a judgment.
In any case, while the Sanders types can retreat at once here and explain what they really meant, they aren’t really socialists, the real socialists ought to be asking how they are going to answer here and the answer is so far a blank stare, unless you wish to invoke the whole nine yards set against you, including the case of lenin.
Leftists who are more than social democrats have no real platform that is workable at this point, and need as we have pointed out many times to disown their own legacy, recreate it on the spot and detail to the inevitable coming questions how they plan to stage revolution in a way that can result in socialism and democracy and how they will operate therefore without a secret police, etc, etc…People, however compromised by social propaganda, do have a right to ask such questions and leftist revolutionaries need to be able to answer. And answer in way that breaks completely with stalinism and probably leninism. Needless to say the US, while it doesn’t have gulags, does do fascism across the globe, but even pointing that out is not good enough