R48G: revolution, reform…?

As we used to say as kids playing cowboys/indians or mock battles, ‘We now take prisoners, beg for mercy’…That will have to pass for backslapping reformist ‘Comrades’ as salutation.

Our ‘Red Forty-eight Group’ is a leftist party group abstraction whose fundamental note so to speak reaffirms the revolutionary path but in a new way, and without as such rejecting the reformists. Like him or not Bernstein struck a dialectical chord that was unstoppable and in the end we can affirm revolutionary socialism and do nothing while the reformists busy beaver civil society’s mock socialism…so, can we evolve to socialism? as we said, ‘beg for mercy’.

But the question has no real answer and the chaotic mix of both possibilities will generate its own situation and endgame. One pole inexorably does the work of the other.
We have also discussed ideas of ‘virtual revolution’ which is a kind of ‘up in the air’ version of the revolutionary gedanken experiment for reformists:you may reject revolution but you may not reject virtual revolution: i.e. asking how piecemeal factors and a comprehensive constellation of factors point to the complexity of change. Like the spandrels problem of S.J.Gould, some fixed architectures won’t change piecemeal (and vice versa in some fashion) Actually bringing about a revolutionary transformation, assuming you even had the opportunity, is in danger of amateur piecemeal tinkering, assuming you win your Civil War and can deal with the inexorable secret police to ‘take the reformists’ prisoner.
The revolutionary path is the thing we take from the marxist legacy amidst a critique of many of its ideas. At the same time, the revolutionary option is method in search of a miracle as the growth of state power becomes crypto-totalitarian and the covert agencies sit on the results of billions spent on research into defeating revolution, fomenting coups, and infiltrating every know leftist group known. Then again Tzarist society was almost worse than this and yet the whole thing simply fell apart.
A wide gaze at the planetary state of things suggests that the revolution is already underway in a set of disguises that will break into the open quite suddenly. And with climate catastrophe plus Trump we have arrived at the edge of chaos, no revolutionary could have so destabilized a social context into near revolution to the degree we see now in front of us. But we have a president who will poison the water supply to satisfy capital yet still the revolutionary first steps are not happening. Ditto for the years up to 1917,
I think that insufficient work has been done by those who expect revolution to correct the faults of prior leftism and that the time has arrived to produce detailed blueprints that can be open to public discussion even as the surprise attack toward postcapitalism bubbles to a boil…