A great opportunity lost: a leftist brexit…

Seemingly long ago, several years, we quietly endorsed Brexit, cautiously, since the unpredictable may reign here, and without any certainty as to the right path. Now the deed is done, but via the right. Our initial proposal was via the left, in the recognition (cf. Grexit’s calamity) that the EU ‘union’ was a kind of failure of wholes in a simplification confronting global complexity. The EU was/is a ‘union’ adding fragments at its boundaries, in retrospect, not the truly right approach. The older ideas, the left’s internationals, indeed, the stiff upper Brit empire, were not conglomerations at the boundaries, at this point an antique idea. When will the EU by increments at its boundaries include the vast exteriority of ‘nations’ globally? Will african nations finally join a century from now? The aggregation at the boundaries doesn’t really match the reality and the equal or better potential of connectedness between separated entities.
The left should have taken up brexit  to lead the uk into a new era of a new kind of international, dispensing as such with the ‘adjacency’ method with its curiously territorial hangover.

Brexit arrived with a thunderclap, but it is leaving with a whimper.

Source: Say hello to invisible Brexit – POLITICO