Non-theistic design arguments from the left?!!

The question of design is not the same as creationism and springs from the CORRECT observation that life is too complex to have evolved by Darwinian selection. Darwinists are obsessed over this and simply perpetuated the confusion and invite as here (ye gods) the bolsonaro thugs to insert design arguments.
The left should take up this issue to free it from the religious idiocy that has embalmed the inevitable critique of darwinism (here now taken over by brazilian rightists).
The existence of design in nature is irrefutable and is not grounds for creationist take overs.
Science simply can’t handle the subject of evolution, so far. And that is that. But an enquiry into design from the science angle would be refreshing and send the creationist packing, and also challenge the conservative ID lobby which in fact does better science on evolution than the idiotic professionals.

It advocates the teaching and study of intelligent design (ID), an outgrowth of biblical creationism that argues that life is too complex to have evolved by Darwinian evolution, and so required an intelligent designer.

Source: Brazil picks ID sympathizer as science boffin; science media henhouse in total flap | Uncommon Descent