Revolutions: macro and microhistorical

Although revolutions are really a modern phenomenon the eonic effect shows a series transitions which are macrohistorical revolutions next to history’s microhistorical revolutions, especially as this appears in the modern transition.
Modernity has given birth to the ‘revolution’ and it appears our task is to come to an understanding of this and to give birth a new histories via revolutions in a rational, compassionate and effective manner. Marx’s classic attempts to rationalize ‘revolution’ are of vital importance but they are not the last word nor has the theory of revolution in marx proved adequate in the context of world history.
Nevertheless marx was one of the first great attempts to decipher moderniry, revolution and the issue of economics
Modernity, revolution and postcapitalism… June 28th, 2018 ·
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Our discussions today reinvoke our discussions of modernity and revolution with a focus on the possibility of postcapitalism.

There is nothing simple about this and we have suggested a hybrid in our manifestos that evades the ‘utopian’ fallacy with a combination of democratic/republican politics, blended market and planned economic organization and a ‘dialectical’ balance counterpoint in an autonomous low threshold semi-anarchist sector. A
‘revolution’/transition to such a system would correct the flaws of the misconstrued Russian Bolshevik revolution. Such a transition might be chaotic but the framework would contain that chaos as the system stabilized around a set of ‘communist’ axioms in the idea of the Commons: this system doesn’t pit capitalists against communists so much as create a constitutional version of basic communism that can balance markets and socialism with an experimental transition to postcapitalism…The charge of ‘utopia’

won’t work here because we have carefully remorphed something that we know has worked (in quotation marks): the american republican experiment which morphed into democracy of a kind with a capitalist hybridization never taken into account by the constitutional foundation.