The working class as it is

The marxist left has come upon the stark reality that the ‘working class’ can be moulded into a reactionary right wing. They need to reconsider their basic tenets, mindful of the confusions of theory and of simple aphoristic empiricism and sloganeering turning to real consciousness beyond the mechanical mindset of the legacy groups. If we abandon theory on the grounds of the all too easy drift into pseudo-science then we must give consider its implications: it was hortatory propaganda to call the working class struggle the motor of history. The reality is that we find Trump’s base the all too easy manipulated class. The thematic of working class struggle is so classic that we would do well to persist in its use as the basic flag. But a flag is not a person and the ‘working class’ is an abstraction in the minds of an elite trying to manipulate events. And the working class is but one sector in the universal class whose universality is the final state of achieved socialism however achieved. The classis stance of marxists is just that classic and yet easily revived/recycled if taken for what it is without theoretical fantasies. And a revolution must address multiple classes on the basis of equality.

Source: Universal versus working class…Green revolution and an equal pie – 1848+: The End(s) of History