After zionist rampages, jews are lucky their plight isn’t worse…//After a String of Antisemitic Attacks, a Choice Confronts all Jews 

The antisemitic trend and its endless recurrence needs more at this point than the usual rote responses. Americans condemn this completely but the larger issue remains untouched and ignored by the philosemitic majority of americans:
In the final analysis ‘jews’ are a secular category with an alleged and mostly fictitious history with biblical so-called history. The time long since past to simply ditch the biblical baggage and look to a new kind of future.
Further, jews demand tolerance but the history of zionism shows a near calamity of jewish prejudice and geopolitical criminality. This actual history under suppression is never allowed to enter public discussion without the totally unfair charge of antisemitism. If you exploit that charge for zionist intrigue the result is like crying wolf once too often.
We have often linked to a new literature of expose of zionism, such as Grand Deceptions…J

A surge of antisemitism has left us wondering where we can turn, to induce the feeling that rather than exercising solidarity, we should turn inward.

Source: After a String of Antisemitic Attacks, a Choice Confronts all Jews –