Marx’s concept of socialism

This article sees the problem with the absence in marx of any indications of the future of socialism but then turns around and goes back into the whole morass of ‘theory’ in marx. Frankly, Capital is an historical given and museum, no more, and can’t be a guide as marx himself said. Marxists are completely hopeless when it comes to creating communism.

We have tried to give an example of a future system with our DMNC model of ‘democratic market neo-communism’.
It is important to critique marx’s stages of production theory because it makes communism a future state in a progression of epochs. That’s misleading: there is no inevitable future state and no such systems model. Free agents must create such a future and define it in advance. There is every probability of failure here using only marxist incomplete concepts. Capital is a wreck of someone suffering writer’s block and may contain useful fragments, but it is necessary to start over and declare what’s what with capitalism and socialism, etc…
Next, the theory of historical materialism doesn’t work.

Drop it. Economic theories of history don’t work. History is far richer in potential than that.
The theories of marx don’t really allow freedom, a disaster. The view of reductionist scientism is a horrible way to construct socialism.

At this point we see that marx is highly useful as an historical indicator in a museum but that the whole subject must be restarted from scratch. You can barely use the terms socialism/communism any more: they provoke horror at the legacy of bolshevism. We have tried to amend the term to neo-communism.

I doubt if you can even cite marx anymore. But that might be too much. But at least, take marx for what he said: he didn’t provide a blueprint for the future.
So scrounging in the confusions of Capital is not the way to go.

So, how to begin anew? The answer, in my view, is with the vision of a post-capitalist society that flows from Marx’s critique of capital. This may seem counter-intuitive, since Marx is widely known for refraining from speculation about the future. He opposed writing blueprints of a new society and sharply opposed utopian socialists for doing so. Moreover, he never wrote a work or even a single published article on socialism or communism. So, why look to Marx to respond to our predicament?

Source: MR Online | Marx’s concept of socialism