From lost cause to ‘neo-‘…as in ‘democratic market neo-communism’

The legacy of ‘communism’ seems like a lost cause and this blog has repeatedly stressed the need for a radical caesura with its past in order to recompute the whole subject, starting with semantics.
This requires in addition an examination of marxism whose tenets have debatedly been the cause of the complete failure of all attempts at postcapitalism.
We refer to ‘neo-communism’ and suggest that the lack of any definition of what socialism/communism means in practice led to a spurious set of outcomes. The result is a Big Nothing, as history shows…
Our idea of ‘democratic market neo-communism’ addressed the issues of politics, markets, planning, and expropriation in the context of ecological socialism.

The task is truly stupendous in scope and it is small wonder the so-called ‘lefts’ could not manage it.

Source: 100 Years of U.S. Communism