Liberalism remorphed as socialism, and vice versa…

The left is its own worst enemy and consistently ends in confusion because it is incapable of defining its own slogans or creating a sensible framework.
We have suggested over and the need for a constructive set of definitions of a new society and in addition have critiqued the way the stark contrast of liberal, usually capitalist, systems as against socialism is confusing everyone. The result is the confusion of democracy, bourgeois capitalist government and amnesia as to the source of the original democracies in question.

We have suggested that specific socialist (communist) systems need to be based on expropriation, yes, but without the stark black and white collision of false opposites. Democracy has always had popular support both as reform or revolution. That socialism/communism should be denigrated by those who support democracy shows how the whole question has lost its bearings. The reality that something like socialism is essential for democracy should be almost axiomatic.

Socialism/communism (why distinguish the two any more?) needs to reboot as a variant of liberal democracy, the one remorphable as the other save for the place of capital in a system that can have socialist markets as easily as capitalist ones. Their is no reason why a liberal system can’t be communist and base itself on expropriation. The legacy of bolshevism is total confusion of the whole question.

Source: On Depoliticization – Viewpoint Magazine