Cuba and the capitalist trojan horse

Over and over again we have pointed that socialism/communism emerging from marxism ends up (in the few cases where if even had a chance, cuba a prime case) in confusion and a dilemma. After so many years one and the same erosion occurs and we can see here as elsewhere that the marxist abstractions confuse the issue and lead to a malformed economic ‘socialism’. Here our DMNC could makes a socialist situation into a robust economy.
Our democratic market neo-communism suggests that a real socialism must construct a decent economy and that is a hybrid of planning and markets, based on a Commons, that is, given a transition via expropriation as real communism, the result can allow markets based on resources licensed from the Commons. The result can preempt the inexorable retrograde re-emergence of crypto-capitalism. The marxist formulation inevitably creates a false division.
Cuba is in a good situation in theory since it could transit to such a new combination and forestall the trojan horse of capitalist elements leading to a counterrevolution…

Source: Where is Cuba going? Speaking tour of Cuban Marxist in Europe