Russia, the peasantry and the maladapted marxist tenets gestating confusion…

Generations of leftists have been confused by the incoherence of marxism which exhibited its contradictory character in the era of lenin to stalin.
The marxist corpus is fatally flawed in its manner of a non-unitary schematic instead attempting a special status for the working class which was in fact greatly outnumbered by the peasantry with the tragic endgame of stalin’s forced collectivization and liquidation of the kulaks.
Socialism should be taken universally as a potential for any type of society, industrialized or not, and then applied after careful study to a specific culture via a general set of legal principles independent of the issue of economic industrialization. There is a lot more to say here but the gross confusion of marxist theory left all parties in a muddle with stalin finally inheriting the whole mess, stalin to putin…
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Generations of left-wing thinkers have fundamentally misunderstood the young Soviet Union’s New Economic Policy.

Source: The New Economic Policy Was the Alternative to Stalinism

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