DMNC: a functional postcapitalist system, with advance specification

We left a comment at the blog on our ideas for ‘democratic market neo-communism’.
Understanding Socialism

We also have two texts/manifestos on this: Two Manifestos

The comment
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December 7, 2019 at 3:42 pm | Reply

The marxist left rarely specifies the type of social and economic system is to replace capitalism. The idea of worker cooperatives is a good one but hardly specifies the larger context. The blog at attempts a comprehensive model which considers that the basic elements of a whole system: its gist is to remorph a liberal system into (neo-)communism and remorph communism into a liberal system,but with the key element of expropriation in a form that is not state capitalism. The issue of a Commons, markets and planning, and a democratic system within a socialist and ecological socialist context. That is a truly monumental task and it must deal with considerable complexity, in advance. In theory our DMNC could be constructed directly and we can predict if would work if its liberal variant could work. This system can still have markets, socialist markets,and manager/ex-capitalists can license resources from a Commons. The relationship of planning, markets, ecological courts, and an apparatus of an economy that can actually prosper is key.
The days are coming when the left has to get specific in relation to chronic skepticism that won’t accept abstractions like ‘communism’ with no further specification.

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