Leftist stupidity on darwinism

We have frequently challenged the left, marxists, for their rote and irrational allegiance to darwinism. This piece is especially confused: the issue of darwinism is dialectical we are told and there was a challenge to the ruling class. In reality, darwinism is one of the key props for competition and indifference to ethical interaction: the social darwinist fixation of the capitalists.
In any case the fallacy of natural selection has been exposed over and over again and simply embracing darwinism in the name of science simply backfires: the whole thing is pseudo-science.

Yesterday was the 160th anniversary of Darwin’s ‘Origin of Species’. Albeit unconsciously, Darwin’s theory of evolution revealed how nature operates dialectically. This radically challenged the ideology of the ruling class.

Source: 160 years of Darwin’s ‘Origin of the Species’ | Socialist Appeal

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