Bolivia, Venezuela and opportunities frittered away…

Over and over here we have pointed out the way that the successes of the left end up being rolled back. Although Bolivia is its own case it nonetheless falls within our analysis, more or less, along with Venezuela.

Both have intimations of socialist transitions but the result seems elusive.
Our focus has been on a critique of marxist experiments such as they have occurred and we can see that not a single dervation-type of the marxist legacy has really succeeded, save perhaps Cuba.
Our basic idea is simply that leftist/marxists proclaimations can’t solve the problem of what to do when the golden moment occurs. Bolivia’s pink tide has endured a long time and yet we can see that the basic solution has failed to occur because the left merely preaches slogans and has not produced a blueprint for an actual result. Bolivia and Venezuela aspire to socialism but there is not real option there in practical terms.

We simply inject our discussions of our DMNC: democratic market neo-communism as a generalized blueprint for a socialist transition. The key here is expropriation after which the construction of a Commons creates the context for the creation of a new kind of economy, which has to function robustly, and issues of democracy and markets taken in a new way. This ‘solution’ is in part symbolic, but it should a cautionary challenge to what seems the case: the opportunity for real transitions was frittered away and the inexorable roll back comes.
Our formulation is not just any socialist solution, it is a complex critique of the empty slogans of the left which inevitably end up idling at the key moment.
Venezuela and Bolivia should have long since made an irreversible transition but instead have mostly handed out semi-socialist goodies as the underlying problematic remains untouched.
We urge the need for new post-marxist constructs at ready when the key moment comes….

The fall of the last surviving leader of the “pink tide” is a true moment of reckoning for progressives worldwide…

Source: On Bolivia: Four Provocations for the International Left | Common Dreams Views

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