Marxist obsessive materialism versus idealism is obsolete and not useful in the QM debate

To judge QM in terms of the sterile marxist battle over materialism and idealism is completely misguided. Physics had an idealist component long before QM, after all the equations of the subject and their close and mysterious match with development of its mathematical backdrop, which is ferociously ‘idealist’, are idealist in nature. Materialism and idealism have always been janus-faced. The marxist battle against idealism is a nineteenth century fossil.
The near extravagance of QM gets to be almost tiresome: a work like Lee Smolin’s Einstein’s Unfinished Revolution is useful in reviewing the confusion over QM, and this recent piece on QM from alternet (???) is just par for the course. The subject of QM has never made any sense, as Richard Feynman et al have always pointed out.
Kant issued a warning of the nature of antinomial thnking and while it is not clear how QM fits into that, issues like the big bang suggest kantian critique is also relevant to QM.
The issues of spooky physics and the dilemmas of entanglement suggest another such connection.

Ever since quantum mechanics began, there have been many physicists and others who have insisted on interpreting the results of quantum experiments as supporting idealist interpretations of the theory. In the West, most people seemed to have been perfectly happy with that outcome because the rejection of materialism supported the prevailing political ideologies. In the Soviet Union, quantum mechanics (along with relativity) struggled for some years to gain acceptance there precisely because so many Soviet physicists and philosophers also interpreted the theory in idealist terms.

Source: Re: [Marxism] Quantum Experiment

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