Why Aren’t People in the US Rising Up Like Those Elsewhere in the World? 

This raises a good question but part of the problem is that there is no real left at all in the sense of a focused movement with a coherent strategy and philosophy. We have a different movement for every issue and no overall vision of a transformation. And the division of reformist/revolutionary factions divides the whole field into an organized chaos.

Beyond that we have often critiqued the older marxist left as dominating the field but without a truly relevant program: most of the groups that could organize a united response cannot do so because no one can take seriously their dated marxist content which turns off massive numbers with its crypto-bolshevism. The marxist foundation is flawed but noone can repair it.
The left keeps harping about neoliberalism but what economy do they then suggest? It is not enough to say ‘socialism’ and then peddle Bernie Sanders’ slogans. The case of Sanders suggests how the left is divided: to propose socialism and then mean ‘social democracy’ simply causes contradictory confusion.
And that tactic leaves people paralyzed because real transformation is never on the agenda.

Noone has any real platform or vision of a new society that address the whole range of issues.

Small wonder the left is paralyzed.

Source: Why Aren’t People in the US Rising Up Like Those Elsewhere in the World? | Common Dreams Views

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