Empty sloganeering with a total lack of a realistic program…

Those who critique marxism usually end up in a disillusioned retreat into the morass of capitalist confusions, especially those tailored to anti-revolutionary initiatives.
But there is a way to critique marxist legacies that are actually even more radical. In any case it is possible to challenge the marxist monopoly of half-digested slogans without becoming some sort of reactionary:

The marxist canon actually invites confusion because its historical and economic theories are open to challenge and should be replaced. They had misled all those who tried to carry out some revolutionary, or even reformist platform.
Some of the problems are:
the confusion over theories of world history
the confusion over economic determinations of culture
confusions over materialism and idealism
confusions over, destructive bias toward, democracy and liberalism in a trend toward postdemocracy
the fantasy of stages of production theory
the confusion over historical dynamics
misunderstanding of the working class.
inability to promote a new economics
inability to even criticize neo-classical economics
obsessions with marx’s capital and its obscurity…

That’s a long/short list: the point here is that we can dispense with all the junk and then really begin to consider those questions in a fresh way. We can have a revolutionary solution that isn’t marxist cliches, is able to construct a real economy, doesn’t obsess over monstrosities like historical materialist, and can back up socialist pleading with someything realistic,and concrete…

Source: The necessity of a ‘critical marxism’ – Darwiniana

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