Democratic market neo-communism and the issue of specific post-capitalist systems…

We have tried (read the previous post) to warn that vague talk about socialism etc is not enough. We have from there tried to construct one version of something that might work.
It tries to get specific. That is the combination of four issues in one (there are still more out there):
This tries to reconcile ‘democracy’ and a strong authority to promote socialism
It tries to reconcile markets and planning with a new kind of economy
It tries to bypass state socialism with the idea of a commons
It tries to blend ecological socialism with the result
It therefore is doubly valent on working class revolution
and ecology/climate change: it tries to connect and reconcile the two.
It also critiques the working class sloganeering with ideas that
are specific with obsessing on it and also connects with the idea of a universal class.
It has an antidote to totalization in a related idea on anarchism
and threshold level that is free of the larger system.
It tries construct an idea of markets inside communism/socialism using ideas of resources licensed from the Commons for a socialist market system
It has a combined presidential and parliamentary system with a strong ecological court system.
Working class cooperatives and all that are easily introduced, making the working class owners of everything won’t work either…A commons is needed… etc…
A complex system of economic populism must accompany an ecological, possibly no-growth reality.

Such things are not easy to construct and the marxist left has zero homework here.

In general the time is long past when marx’s refusal to consider specifics is useful.
the public will respond to specific proposals with enthusiasm where now a group of
marxist sloganeers propose nothing except that they come into power and construct socialism as they please, usually with a stalinist result and a secret police…

The above has about five new radically novel needs for new legal system additions. a huge and difficult task.

Our DMNC is itself incomplete!

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